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Commercial Conveyancing

In addition to our residential conveyancing department, we also handle a variety of commercial conveyancing transactions in Brisbane for premises such as:

  • Office spaces
  • Industrial property
  • Retail spaces
  • Rural property

We can assist you to undertake extensive Due Diligence enquiries and draft any Special Conditions required for your protection when purchasing or selling commercial property.

We can also assist you in various other Commercial & Corporate concerns when purchasing or selling a Commercial property such as:


A Lease it not simply a standard commercial agreement that can be used for the leasing of most commercial premises. Each lease must have terms and conditions which are tailored specifically to the premises you are leasing.

Whilst leasing a property often goes smoothly, there are occasions when a party to the lease defaults and it becomes abundantly clear just how important it is to have a lease drafted to protect your interests.

This is quite apart from the many costs that can be hidden in lease documentation.

We can assist with all manner of leasing transactions for landlords and tenants, including:

  • the preparation and negotiation of lease documents,
  • lease assignments and subleases
  • lease extensions or variations

For more information visit the Commercial and Corporate Law page.

Trust and Company Structure

When owning property or running a business it is important to get the structure right. We can advise you on establishing discretionary, family or unit trusts and appropriate corporate structures tailored to your objectives.

We can also help you to establish Body Corporates for the purpose of holding common property for Community and Group Titles. For more information visit the Commercial and Corporate Law page.