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Get to know Just Us…. Tara Holland

Get to know Just Us…. Tara Holland



What is the Motto I live by?

A movie line from Anne of Green Gables has always stuck with me, “tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it” and every time I feel I have had a bad day I say this to myself.


What was your first job, and what did you like most about it?

I lived and worked at a resort on an island, we always had food, cocktails and beaches 365 days a year.


You’re happiest when?

 I am at the beach with my family.


What advice would you give to a 13 year old you?

 Trust yourself and your mother does know best lol


Why did you choose the career path that you are currently in?

 I grew up seeing people struggle with access to the law and their rights and I wanted to be able to help people in those situations.


Tell us three things most people don’t know about you…

 I was in a band. I did the make up (once) for a short film and, I used to skateboard.


What places have you lived in?

 Brisbane, Byron Bay, Auckland, Mackay, Townsville, Sydney, Darwin !


What did you want to be when growing up?

 A lawyer (surprise) or a singer.


Congratulations to Tara for her recent admission as a Lawyer in Queensland!  Tara is part of the Kelvin Grove branch team & presently she is assisting our senior solicitors in various areas including Employment Law and Resource & Indigenous Law.   If you have any queries  – call/email Just Us Lawyers or complete our enquiry form for a quote today.


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