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Who are you really?

Who are you really?

As a result of recent legislative changes, the Office of State Revenue requires you to prove who you say you are. If you do not provide verification of your identity (VOI) you are presumed to be a foreigner and are liable to pay 3 percent of the purchase price as a special taxable levy for your property conveyance.

We also need proof of your identity if you are the Seller so we can make sure that you own the property and are the person entitled to sell it and sign the transfer documents. Of course, this also goes for the Buyer. We need to be sure that you are the person who signed the contract to purchase the property and that a double duty isn’t payable to the State Government.

What is VOI?                                               

VOI is the process of proving your identity. This can be done by providing up to 100 points of ID similar to when you get your driver’s licence or changing your address. Certified copies of each proof of ID will be held on your conveyancing file.  Unless you are a repeat client, we will need you to verify your identity before signing your Transfer documents for your property conveyance.

What ID can I use? 

At least one photo ID is required and two are preferable, such as your Drivers Licence and Passport. If you aren’t able to provide those two, you can use other items such as a Medicare Card or Credit Card to make up the 100 points.

Who can certify the copies of your ID and witness your signature on the Transfer? 

If you’re in Australia, for all Queensland documents, only a Commissioner for Declarations, Justice of the Peace or Solicitor can certify original copies and witness your signature on the Transfer. There are Justices of the Peace located in many shopping centres and Courthouses all across the state. If you aren’t sure of one in your area, you can check the Queensland listing here.

If you’re overseas, the following persons can witness your documents and ID:

  • an Australian Consular Officer;
  • a Notary Public;
  • an Australian Legal Practitioner or Lawyer; or
  • a New Zealand Lawyer.

There are different forms required for different witnessing officers so ensure that you confirm with us who you will be using to ensure you have the correct forms.

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