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Death by Paperwork

Death by Paperwork

Death by paperwork may be an amusing term to describe the settlement process in Queensland however in reality it is not a laughing matter.

If you do not love paperwork, deadlines and your free time or simply wish for a conveyance that is completed smoothly, it is highly recommended an experienced Conveyancer is employed for all property transactions.  Buying and selling is a major transaction, problems that may arise during settlement should be attended to with speed and accuracy.  Choosing to engage a Conveyancer will take the pressure down on a very stressful process.  It will allow you to thoroughly enjoy popping the champagne cork and celebrating your settlement.



A Conveyancer is a legal professional who assists with property settlement and transfer of title. A Conveyancer acts as the client’s representative, and guides their clients to ensure all the necessary legal obligations are met within the relevant deadlines. It is a Conveyancer’s job to protect their clients’ rights and interests throughout the settlement process so the clients are not left open to risk and legal recourse.  Risk could include things like critical dates being missed or misinterpreted, giving the seller the right to terminate the contract and keeping the buyers deposit of thousands of dollars. Buyers can be left open to being sued for failure to meet obligations under the contract.



  • Provides guidance, advice and support relating to your property transaction, including buying, selling, updating a Title, transmitting property in estate matters.
  • Provides pre-contract advice regarding conditions that should be considered or included in the Contract of Sale.
  • Holds your deposit on trust in the firm’s Trust Account pending settlement.
  • Conducts searches on properties to ensure no hidden or concealed issues which may affect your use & enjoyment of the property or its sale price.
  • Prepares all required legal documentation to successfully effect settlement.
  • Calculates all relevant taxes and figures in preparation for settlement.
  • Liaises with financiers to ensure the necessary documents and other requirements are arranged for settlement.
  • Avoids legal pitfalls which might expose an untrained person to risks or mistakes costing time, money and STRESS!
  • Acts as a representative for you throughout the transaction, including liaising with other parties as necessary to take the pressure off you.

Thinking of buying and selling property –  we understand that it can be a complicated and confusing process for buyers and sellers alike. Our experienced Conveyancers will make the process efficient and less stressful for all parties involved – for the best Conveyancing lawyers in Brisbane call/email Just Us Lawyers or complete our enquiry form for a quote today

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